Never Wax Your Car Again

never wax your car againImagine hearing a car cleaning professional say “Never wax your car again” ?

Every avid car owner wants their vehicle to look their best, and polishing the exterior, correcting the paint and making it shine is a great way to do that.

But keeping the paintwork looking healthy and it’s best requires a lot of effort and upkeep. And it goes well beyond handwashing the car every week.

Instead, many car owners take the extra step of waxing their vehicles in order to get that perfect highly-coveted gleam. But again, that requires a lot of time and effort, not to mention money.

But what if there was something that would eliminate the need to regularly wax a car but still ensure that it continues to shine?

That’s the promise of a ceramic coating, and not only can it help ensure that your car always looks like it’s just been detailed and polished, but it can also even boost its perceived value.

The question is, how do you go about getting your car coated in a protective ceramic coating? More importantly, where should you bring your car, and what product should you apply to your vehicle?

Let’s go more into detail about exactly what a ceramic coating is and how it can benefit your vehicle.

What is a Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating – such as FEYNLAB – is a liquid polymer that’s applied to your car’s exterior. It’s able to create a protective layer by adhering to the paint of your car that’s already been applied. That way, your car’s paint will be given an added layer of protection on top of the clear coat film that is already present on your car.

This specialty type of coating is an alternative to traditional wax, but rather than wearing off after a while and having to be reapplied every few weeks (which is the case with standard car wax), a ceramic coating like FEYNLAB creates a more permanent layer of protection by bonding with your car’s exterior paint that lasts years.

As such, it won’t come off with every wash nor will it easily break down. In turn, there’s no need to regularly reapply it every so often.

How Does “Never Wax Your Car Again” actually become a reality?

As already mentioned, a ceramic coating provides an additional layer of protection to the exterior of your car and helps it look like new for longer without much maintenance at all. Not only will your car be better able to resist any scratching or chipping, but it will also be easier to keep clean, too.

This type of coating protects the car from any fading or damage done as a result of harmful UV rays. With ongoing exposure to the sun, typical car paint will start to fade as a result of oxidation. But with an extra layer of protection, the car paint will be able to withstand such exposure and will be resistant to fading from the sun.

Ceramic coatings like FEYNLAB will also protect your car from chemical stains as a result of contamination from acidic substances. With this added layer of protection, the paint will be guarded against such contaminants which won’t be able to reach the surface beneath.

Cleaning the exterior of your car will be a cinch because this extra layer repels water and moisture. As such, wiping off dirt, grime, and grease is as easy as it gets. You’ll spend less time scrubbing trying to get contaminants off your car.

And of course, a protective ceramic coating will make your car shine like never before. There’s no need to wax your car any longer in order to get it to shimmer. Instead, adding this extra layer will boost the exterior’s reflective properties to make the car paint look much more crisp and gorgeous.

Which Protective Ceramic Coating Product is Best For Your Car?

While there are a few brands out there that promise to give your car’s exterior the boost it needs, certain products are far more superior than others.

As already mentioned,  FEYNLAB and Ceramic Pro are two brands that make great choices for this added layer of protection on your car’s exterior, for many reasons.

FEYNLAB, for instance, is carefully crafted and engineered to provide incredible durability and protection for car paint surfaces. It can provide your car with amazing gloss, UV protection, chemical resistance, and protection from physical wear and tear that often comes from regular washing.

FEYNLAB is also the ONLY ceramic coating with self-healing abilities. When exposed to 60c or hotter, think summer day, the coating will actually start to level out and fine swirl marks and scratches will virtually disappear.

The true nanotechnology and bonding chemistry of FEYNLAB ceramic coating allows for impeccable protection, penetrating far deeper into the existing paint structure than other similar products currently available on the market.

Get Your Car Coated With Protective Ceramic Coating!

If you’re looking to give your car more gloss but don’t want to spend so much time waxing on a regular basis, then a coating of ceramic is something to consider. And if you want to make sure that your car’s exterior is provided with an added layer of protection against the sun and chemical contamination, or want to make your job of washing your car an easier one, FEYNLAB ceramic coating is the way to go.

Book an appointment with A to Z Car Detailing today to enhance the protection of your car’s exterior today!

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