Car Sanitization & Virus Disinfection Service

COVID-19 Package and Procedure:

  • We show up to your home or workplace, no need to be greeted.
  • Keys can be left inside the car minutes before we show up for the appointmentCovid 19 car cleaning virus sanitization
  • Entire cabin (roof liner, windows, dash, doors, centre console, seats, carpets) are sprayed down with virucide, left to dwell for 60 seconds and then wiped down
  • Carpets and carpeted mats are vacuumed
  • Interior windows are cleaned
  • Exterior door handles sprayed with virucide
  • Vehicle keys sprayed down with virucide

Additional: Ozone Treatment

After initial sanitization, vehicle is treated with an Ozone gas treatment

What is Virucide?

A Viricidal cleaning agent is used to neutralize and/or destroy viruses. They usually have a dwell time of 30 seconds to up to 10 minutes. It is important to remember that antibacterial cleaning agents are meant for bacteria, and virucides are meant for viruses

What is an Ozone treatment?

Ozone treatment involves using an ozone generator to consume oxygen with lethal levels of ozone gas. Everything, including viruses, needs oxygen to survive. By using an ozone generator in the vehicle, all viruses, bacteria, mold, etc. simply die off. Because it is a gas, it is able to reach areas that manual cleaning can not (AC system, under chairs, small crevices, etc.)

Is it safe?

While sitting inside the vehicle while an ozone machine is running is definitely not safe, as soon as the treatment is done, simply open the vehicle doors, allow a few minutes for oxygen to re enter the vehicle for a sanitized, safe vehicle.

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