Covid-19 Car CleaningFleet Cleaning & Disinfecting for Covid-19

As case numbers of COVID-19 continue to increase, it’s critical for fleet managers to have a strategy in place for keeping employees safe and vehicles clean while in compliance with government guidelines and regulations.
When you combine the dangers of COVID-19, the guidelines and recommendations laid out by Transport Canada, The Health & Safety Board, as well as Municipal, Provincial, and The Federal Government, it’s crucial to ensure that precautionary measures are taken.

The experts at A to Z Detailing are up to date with the most recent guidelines and regulations regarding COVID-19. Our disinfecting process adheres to those guidelines and regulations.

In the same manner as our car sanitization and virus disinfection service, our COVID-19 fleet cleaning service is comprehensive, detailed, and designed to target every nook and cranny of any vehicle.

Our COVID-19 Fleet Cleaning Process

After the onset of COVID-19, we were one of the first companies in the Toronto region to develop a thorough and safe disinfecting process designed specifically to target COVID-19 while complying with The Health and Safety Board and WHMIS.

To start, a professional-grade virucide is dispensed via a pump sprayer set at a specific GPM (gallon per minute) to ensure total and even coverage of the entire cabin of the vehicle.